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How Much PPFD Does Cannabis Need In Each Growth Stage?

When growing cannabis indoors, lighting is a major consideration. Growers have their opinions on what types of lights to use and which spectrum works best. But one part of the lighting equation is clear: a certain quantity of light is necessary to produce a healthy crop.

Weed plants require 16 hours of light during their vegetative stage and 12 hours at the flowering stage

For regular weed growing, the PPFD for seedling stage is 100-300 µmol/m²/s; the PPFD for vegetation stage is 400-600 µmol/m²/s, and the PPFD for flowering stage is 800-1,000 µmol/m²/s.

When the CO2 supplement in weed growing, the PPFD in the seedling stage is 100-300 µmol/m²/s, while the vegetative stage requires 800-1000 µmol/m²/s PPFD and 400-800 ppm CO2. The flowering stage requires 1,000-1,500 µmol/m²/s PPFD and 800-1400 ppm CO2.

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