Should I Choose Outdoor or Indoor for Growing Cannabis?

As the number of cannabis lovers is increasing! Many consumers are reluctant to buy grass on the street, because they do not know whether the quality of the grass is qualified, and have not been treated with pesticides. So more and more people learn to grow marijuana on their own.

Grow cannabis yourself – indoors or outdoors?

When growing marijuana ourselves, we also need to consider the local latitude and climate before deciding whether to grow marijuana within four walls or outdoors. Of course, outdoor planting and indoor planting have their own advantages and disadvantages, let us analyze together

The advantages and disadvantages of indoor planting:

Advantages of indoor cultivation

Indoor cannabis cultivation has the great advantage that growers are not dependent on the weather. Marijuana requires a lot of sunlight, not every summer. Excessive rainfall, especially at the end of the flowering period and shortly before harvest, may mold the plants/flowers and make the grass unusable. Of course, the problem is not indoor growth. Speaking of sunlight: Hours can affect the sex of cannabis plants: A harsh summer filled with clouds and rain will cause more males to reproduce, so it is not good for plants. One more point: In your own home, usually no deer likes to eat grass, and no snail likes to eat young plants. There are also walkers and foresters who can destroy/steal/report the harvest, while family growers have less food. There are many bonus points for indoor growth!

Disadvantages of indoor planting

Indoor cannabis cultivation also has many disadvantages: To grow cannabis in your own four walls, you need appropriate equipment: pots, soil, fertilizer, lights, irrigation, fans, tents, etc. Initially, this was a very high financial expense and should not be underestimated. Plus: Usually, local growers certainly want to remain undiscovered! Cannabis cultivation, especially in the last few weeks of flowering, will produce a very extreme and unique smell. As long as there is not enough ventilation outdoors, just open the front door to submerge the entire corridor. You can even smell a few meters. Another important point: Tillage will generate a lot of heat through proper lamps and electronic accessories. And home planting consumes a lot of electricity. There are some stories about family growers who seem to be “blew to death” due to high electricity bills.

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor cultivation:

Advantages of  outdoor cultivation

Growing marijuana in the wild has many advantages: Cannabis plants do not “simulate” nature in indoor cultivation, but grow in their natural habitat. There are many connoisseurs and enthusiasts who like outdoor sports. Another advantage: outdoor farming is actually completely free and does not use any resources in the form of energy or electricity, so it is more sustainable. Opportunity: Sounds interesting, but it does! Some types and varieties can grow up to 3m in height, so they can bring higher yields. It is impossible to raise such a giant in your own living room. And: In addition to the form of harvesting/flowering, outdoor growers have also discovered the advantages of physical exercise because plants are usually some distance away from secret places.

Disadvantages of outdoor cultivation

In addition to the advantages mentioned, unfortunately, there are many disadvantages when growing outdoors: There are countless “dangers” in plants that lurking every day and can destroy the entire harvest. In addition to animals and insects that like to nibble and nibble on plants, wind and weather can also cause great damage. Unfortunately, these are factors that you can hardly control or influence yourself. Experienced outdoor growers always expect certain losses. Therefore, it is usually not enough to have only one plant and usually choose different places for outdoor breeding to spread the risk of the total loss. Harvest time also plays an important role and can be disadvantageous: if you are a little late, you may find moldy flowers or cornfields.

Summary: Outdoor and indoor planting have their own advantages and disadvantages. The quality of cannabis grown indoors is high, not affected by nature, and the cost is high, while the quality of cannabis grown outdoors is contrary to the general quality, and is affected by the surrounding environment, but the cost is relatively low. It is recommended that growers choose outdoor or indoor according to their area. I hope this guide is helpful to you.

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